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6th Transatlantic Students Symposium

Media and Collective Identity
in the United States and Europe

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin; Georgetown University.
New York and Washington D.C., March 1-9, 2008


Program Description

Based upon a critical discussion of the major cultural theories on the construction of identity, the symposium will explore current representations of political, social and cultural identity in the media in Europe and the United States both on a national and transnational level. Taking a comparative approach these representations in various media such as print (newspapers, magazines), TV, film, will be analysed in terms of the narratives they suggest to create, affirm and negotiate hegemonic or pretentiously hegemonic discourses of European and American identities.

Symposium Week Field Trips

Workshops: at Georgetown University

Site Visits: New York: Ellis Island; Statue of Liberty; Neue Gallerie, 86th Street; Lower Ninth, Flea Theater; Ground Zero; Museum of the Moving Image; Washington, D.C.: Corcoran Gallery; FDR Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument

Institutional Visits: Newsweek; Roundtable with media representatives Jon (SKY News, Fox News, Washington Post)

Total participants: 20


Philipp Kneis, PD Dr. Reinhard Isensee (Humboldt),
Dr. Eric Langenbacher, Kimberly Jaeger (Georgetown)

Student Organizers

Elle Narayan, Sebastian Schöbel (Humboldt)

Student Participants (not organizers)

14 (Humboldt: 8, Georgetown: 6)

Conference Program

Conference Program Flyer

Partners and Supporters

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin: International Office,
Humboldt-Universität, Philosophical Faculty II,
American Studies Program,
Humboldt-Universität, Students Union English and American Studies

Georgetown University:
BMW Center for German and European Studies
Department of Government

Max Kade Foundation

Holiday Land Richter Reisen, Berlin

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