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1st Indigenous Policy Summer Institute

Warm Springs, Oregon, 2014


Program Description

The Indigenous Policy Summer Institutes are a series of short-term academic and service-learning exchanges that provide a student-based and partially student-run space for the discussion of questions of indigenous governance, culture, politics, and history, which takes place in an interdisciplinary, experiential and indigenous setting.

Throughout Zero Week 2014, we will be visiting Warm Springs, Umatilla and Yakama Indian Reservation.


Dr. Allison Davis-White Eyes (Intercultural Student Services),
Dr. Philipp Kneis (Public Policy),
Dr. Brent Steel (Public Policy),
Dr. Sally Duncan (Public Policy),
Hilary Fishler (Public Policy),
Rosanna Sanders (OSU Extension Office, Warm Springs)
Emily Bowling (Center for Civic Engagement)

Program Information

General Institute Report, version 11/04/2014

Syllabus for Preparatory Class at OSU

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