The Program

Program Statistics (2003-2019)


Total Number of Students Served: 288

129 Humboldt
67 OSU
42 Georgetown
30 Warsaw
16 Bard
2 Prague, AUBG
1 Wroclaw

Some students took part multiple times, the second and/or any further time as student organizer.


Total Number of Faculty Organizers over the Years: 19

5 Georgetown
3 Humboldt
1 Warsaw, Bard, Prague, AUBG

Student Organizers

Total Number of Student Organizers over the Years: 69

30 Humboldt
23 OSU
10 Warsaw
3 Bard
2 Georgetown
1 Prague, AUBG

Some students organizers served twice or more times in their function.

Oregon State University   Humboldt University Berlin   Warsaw University

Countries of Origin

Out of all 304 participants (students, student organizers and faculty; some participating several times), we have had participants from 34 different countries:

112 USA (30 domestic minority students
99 Germany
38 Poland
4 Turkey
3 Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Mexico, Romania
2 Brazil, China, Iran, Kosovo, Pakistan, Spain, Ukraine, Viet Nam
1 Australia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Cameroon, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, India, Ireland, Jordan, Kirgizstan, Latvia, Nepal, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Sweden, Taiwan

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